Vacancy: PHP programmer

Job Title: PHP-laravel programmer

Job description:

Our company is in search of a Laravel Developer who has the technical ability to implement server side code written in the Laravel framework.  Your main responsibility will be designing and implementing applications that are written in PHP. This means you will work closely with front end developers to integrate backend components with the components they’re creating for users to interact with. Therefore, it is important that you’re able to effectively communicate and collaborate with your colleagues.


  • As a Laravel Developer at our company, you will:
    • Liaise with fellow backend and front end developers.

  • Design and implement web applications that use the Laravel framework.

  • Implement server side logic to process front inputs.

  • Identify and fix bugs that are found within code.

  • Interact with SQL databases.

  • Ensure all inputs going to a database have been parameterized.

  • Ensure the appropriate security standards have been implemented.

  • Ensure you've written unit test cases to verify code is performing as expected and to prevent possibly security breaches.

  • Create written documentation for the different components.

  • [Add or delete details about the role where necessary]


  • Our ideal Laravel Developer will have:
  • The ability to problem-solve and critically think.

  • High level of knowledge of PHP and the Laravel framework.

  • Understanding of the MVC pattern.

  • Understanding of SQL databases.

  • Good interpersonal skills.

  • [Add or delete details about the role where necessary]

    Job Location :

    Lagos Nigeria

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